Autumn leaves!!I visited Mt. Koya!!

I visited Koyasan (高野山:Mount Koya) to see the autumn leaves! !

Koyasan is a sacred place for Japanese Buddhism, first opened in the Heian Period by Kobo Daishi.

It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.

First, go to Mt.GOMADANZAN(護摩壇山)

On the way to Mt. Koya, I stopped at Mt.GOMADANZAN(護摩壇山).
Mt.GOMADANZAN(護摩壇山) is the highest mountain in Wakayama.

There is an unusual shaped tower called ”Goma-san-Sky-Tower” on Mt.GOMADANZAN.
You can enjoy a 360 ° panorama from the highest place in Wakayama! !

After enjoying the scenery here for a while,departed for the main destination Koyasan.

Mount Koya(高野山)

Koyasan is a large settlement of temples which accommodates a lot of temples and sub-temples.

I will introduce you some of most visited temples.


Danjyogaran is the complex of temples,sub-temples and gardens.
Above pictures are of Konpon Daitou in Danjyogaran.

The towre is the largest and most prominent building was built as a symbol of Shingon sect Buddhism’s fundamental.

The autumn leaves of trees on the way to Danjogaran were astonishing! !

Next,we went to Kongobuji.


Kongobu-ji Temple is the central role of Mt. Koya.


There are some places where you can take a break with tea and sweets.


“Banryutei(蟠龍庭)” is the largest rock garden in Japan.

Next,we went to Okunoin.


Okunoin is a cemetery.There are many tombs such as the imperial family and Sengoku Warlords.

The autumn leaves here were also very beautiful.


Gosyuin(御朱印) is a red colored stamp given at a temple or a shrine as the proof of visit.
Each temple/shrine has their own stamp and it normally comes with the calligraphy of name of the temple,date etc.

My hobby is collecting ”Gosyuin(御朱印)” in my stampbook (Gosyuinn cho).

It is a manner to have a proper stamp book(Gosyuinn cho) and leave a tip to receive Gosyuins.
Some temples/shrines may refuse to provide without it.

This picture is Gosyuin(御朱印)of “Kongobuji(金剛峯寺)”and”Okunoin(奥の院)”.


Koyasan is one of the famous sightseeing spots in Japan, visited not only Japanese but also  people all over the world.

koyasan(Mt.Koya) is highly recommended!!


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