Introduce WAKAYAMA and Susami


Wakayama Prefecture is located on the west side of Kii Peninsula, Japan’s largest peninsula, and has a large mountainous area in the southern part of the prefecture.

To the north of Wakayama is Osaka, where the 2025 World Expo will be held, and to the east is Mie Prefecture, famous for “Ise Jingu(伊勢神宮)”.

There are a lot of famous sightseeing spots.
Mount Koya(高野山), Kumano Kodo(熊野古道), Nachi Falls(那智の滝), Shirahama(白浜), Kushimoto(串本) etc.

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Autumn leaves!!I visited Mt. Koya!!
I visited Koyasan (高野山:Mount Koya) to see the autumn leaves! !Koyasan is a sacred place for Japanese Buddhism, firs...

Special products are fruits such as Ume(Japanese apricot), tangerines, persimmons and peaches.

In particular, Ume(Japanese apricot) boast the highest production volume in Japan.
The Ume(Japanese apricot) produced in Wakayama, named “Kishu-nannkoubai(紀州南高梅)” is famous as a luxury product.

Ume(Japanese apricot)

In Wakayama Prefecture, the sea is beautiful and the fishery is thriving. Fishing and diving are also famous.

Wakayama is famous for its hot springs, and there are many hot springs such as Shirahama Hot Spring, Nanki Katsuura Hot Spring, Ryujin Hot Spring and Kawayu Hot Spring and more.

Onsen(Hot Spring)


Susami Town is located in the “Kinan region” in the south of Wakayama Prefecture.

Susami Town is a very small town with a population of less than 4,000.
There are no nationally famous tourist spots, but there are abundant seas, mountains, rivers and nature.
It is a very quiet and comfortable place to live.

Susami Town is located between Kushimoto Town and Shirahama Town.

Kushimoto Town is the southernmost point of Honshu region and is famous as a friendly city with Turkey.
There is the world’s only “coral reef in non-coral reef waters”.
There is also ”Hashiguiiwa(橋杭岩)”, a national natural monument.


Shirahama Town is famous as the best resort in Japan’s Kinki region.

Susami-cho is a convenient base for sightseeing as you can reach Shirahama and Kushimoto in about 30 minutes by car!

By car from Susami Town
  • Nachi Falls(那智の滝) 1.5 hours
  • Kumano hongu taisha(熊野本宮大社) 1.5 hours
  • Kouyasan/Mt.Koya(高野山) 2.5hours

Sightseeing spots in Susami

Not so famous, but there are many sightseeing spots in Susami.
Here are some sightseeing spots in Susami.

Phoenix fold (フェニックス褶曲)

Phoenix Fold is a layer of folded rocks created by crustal deformation that is rare in the world.

※To get here, I will go on a path without road. It ’s dangerous to walk alone. If possible, you should go with a guide.

Meoto nami(婦夫波)

Meoto nami is an unusual wave that rushes from the left and right.

“Meoto(婦夫)” means “couple” in English.”Nami(波)” means “wave” in English.
This name was given because it was paired like a couple.

Kumano Kodo “Nagaizaka”(熊野古道”長井坂”)

Shizuku no Taki Falls(雫の滝)

Susami town sightseeing map