“Sechi-yaki(せち焼き)”【Budget gourmet】


Do you know “Okonomi-yaki”?

Okonomi-yaki is one of the budget gourmet in Japan!!

Okonomiyaki is a dish of thinly sliced cabbage mixed with batter made of flour, eggs and water and cooked on an iron griddle.

Like Okonomi-yaki, a dish in which flour in water is baked on an iron plate is called “Kona-mon”.

“Kona-mon” is one of the most popular menus from foreigners visiting Japan.
Cooking using iron plates such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki and monjayaki You can see the food being cooked right in front of you.
It seems to be one of the fun again.


Wakayama has a budget gourmet called ”Sechi-yaki” that resembles okonomiyaki.

“Sechiyaki” does not use flour, but how to make it and looks is very similar to okonomiyaki.

Seeing is believing.
Click here for a video of making Sechiyaki!!

“Sechi-yaki” is a local gourmet in Gobo City, Wakayama.

Gobo City is located in central Wakayama Prefecture.

This is the original shop of “Sechiyaki” ,”Yamashita”.

There are many signatures of celebrities who have visited the store.


Store information

49-12 Yukawacho, Gobo City, Wakayama


From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (but it is closed as soon as it is sold out)

<Regular holiday>
Tuesday and Wednesday

“Sechi-yaki” is very delicious!! And highly recommended!!